First Time Home Buyer

We assist you in the most important steps and considerations for your first home:

  • Determining your qualifications

  • Knowing the costs involved

  • Getting pre-approved

  • Final approval

  • Move-in!

New to Canada

If you're an immigrant who moved to Canada within last 60 months with a status of:

  • Permanent Residency

  • Work Permit

  • Refugee;

certain restrictions apply to you in terms of downpayment, credit history and employment.

Let's simplify the process for you and get you your new home in Canada.

Second Property

Qualifying for a second property may be harder. We will help you understand the different financing options. We review your current portfolio and suggest strategies to acquire the second property in your portfolio using:

  • Your savings

  • Existing equity in the current properties

  • HELOCs

Rental Properties

Investors love investing, growing their portfolio and increase their returns. We love building wealth for people. Our specialization in rental programs and connections with the banks lets us help you.

Get in touch now if you're into BRRRR, Flipping, Buying and Holding properties!


Confused if you should sell your current home or keep it?

We help you navigate on the property ladder and ensure your future is secured. We will ein scenarios to help you decide whether you are:

  • Upgrading

  • Downgrading

  • Reverse Mortgage


The biggest challenge for you could be proving income traditionally via letter of employment and paystubs. Don't worry, we have got access to programs from banks where we can use your proven self-employed history to prove your worthiness to the banks.

Get in touch now to explore your options!

Business Owner

We love business owners despite the fact banks may not. Hence, we assist you in getting your mortgage approved.

Our lenders allow certain business write-offs to be added back and other flexibilities. We know what we are doing and how to present your application the right way.

Vacation Home

Who doesn't love to buy a cottage to spend some time by the lake and go fishing? However, getting the right property and the right mortgage for it may be hard. We make it easy!

Well experienced in vacation homes and cottage financing, we can get you the mortgage to fulfil your dreams.