Life Happens.

It is true that your home is not your ATM. However, sometimes you're in a financing emergency where you have:

  • used your credit cards, lines of credit, etc. and need to consolidate debts

  • got unexpected expenses such as buying a vehicle, repairing one, etc.

  • to help a family or friend in need

  • planned an overdue vacation

  • kids to put through college

  • to build an investment and reat estate portfolio

  • a divorce involved with spousal buyout

  • option to lower interest on existing mortgage

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Refinancing a mortgage may have costs involved that you need be aware of including appraisal, legal, penalty, discharge fee and other closing costs. This is because you are breaking your existing mortgage and getting a new one. Hence you need to qualify for the new mortgage to access equity of your home.

Here are some facts about refinancing:

  • You can at most access 80% of the value of your home to refinance.

  • You need to re-qualify at the current rates, rules and stress test.

  • Mortgage insurance is not required but to get lower rate, it may be best for you to get insurable refinance where the insurer premium is not paid by you.

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